Elevate your design services

Organize your business


Are you struggling to find the time to accommodate your dream clients and their projects? Are you bogged down with the mundane tasks within your business? Creative support packages available to help save you time. 

I'M A designer, LOOKING FOR ongoing project support.


Writing the same emails each time you onboard a new client? Tired of following up when an invoice is overdue? or even worse...forgetting to follow up? There are countless tasks that can and, honestly, should be automated within your business. 

I'M A designer, LOOKING FOR help with business organization.


I'M jess.
Creative. visionary. 
Sour candy lover.

Boho Creative Co. offers project management, creative and organizational support for busy interior designers. With a background in interior design and event management,
I understand how important it is to provide your clients the high end experience they deserve. 
We offer support within your business to allow you to focus solely on the design process. We work to understand your business processes and how to best support you behind the scenes.

Our goal: Reduce the daily overwhelm within your business to allow your focus to return to what you love.