Does this sound familiar? 

✔️ You are doing it ALL in your business
✔️ Your daily To-Do list is never ending and overwhelming
✔️ Your client experience is lacking finesse
✔️ The vision you had for your design business is overshadowed by pesky management tasks

If I'm speaking to you.. it's time to consider outsourcing. Boho Creative Co. can assist with the following and more...

  • concept boards
  • presentation creation
  • product sourcing
  • product ordering & tracking
  • Invoicing

Starting at $900 - Retainer services are billed on a monthly basis and tailored to your needs. You will be billed for a monthly package of hours as an investment in your business. Tracking of hours will be sent at the end of the month to ensure accurate client billing. 




Are the processes that you are using for client and project management in your business working effectively for you? We'll work together to determine which processes are working smoothly and efficiently and what processes need to be refined.

15 HOURS     !  
20 HOURS    % 
30 HOURS    & 

Starting at $397 - Schedule a discovery call to chat about all of the details! 


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Is your creative mind working overtime to keep track of ALL of the things? 

✔️ You're having trouble remembering which leads you've responding to and those you haven't yet 
✔️ Your welcome packet is something you rewrite for each client and send out manually
✔️ Your client experience doesn't reflect the high end touch you desire
✔️ Automation? What is that?
✔️ Notebooks full of project details litter your desk

Am I speaking to you? 

Let's get a CRM and/or Project Management system set up that will save you hours a week and consolidate the processes you've been not-so-successfully working with. We'll work together to create a streamlined process you'll be able to replicate with each new client. 

Starting at $1297 for system set up. Let's chat about the specifics of what you need in your business and what system will work best for your needs. 




- Nicole

"I love working with Jess because of her attention to detail. She has helped me gain more of my time back so I can focus on my business and clients."


"Jess and I have worked together for the past three years and I can honestly say I would not be here today with out her. She is very resourceful and has a great eye for ideas when building out new systems. If you have the chance to hire Jess and her team for business support - I highly recommend it. You will not regret it!"


"Jess was wonderful! She has a great eye for design and aesthetics. I appreciated the clear communication throughout the process, and look forward to working with her"