Indema Features You’ll Love

Apr 8, 2023

Running an interior design business is not always a walk in the park. I often hear interior designers say they need a project management system that can really help them manage their business and their clients without needing to use 2 or 3 different systems. Many designers I know use 2, 3 or even 4 different platforms to run their business…but that can be so overwhelming! While diversity is great, juggling 4 different types of software quickly becomes overwhelming.

Introducing… Indema! 

Indema is an interior designers one stop shop for business and project management. A platform built by an interior designer for interior designers. 

Top 4 Benefits of Indema for Your Interior Design Business

#1 The Ability to Create & Send Contracts 
Indema allows you to create and send contracts to clients right from your Indema account. This is a GAMECHANGER. Most interior designers I know have a separate platform they use to create, send, and sign contracts with clients. Not only can you send contracts to clients… your clients can easily, electronically sign the contract using their trackpad or mouse when they receive it. No more needing to send your contract through HelloSign or Docusign and then download the contract to add to your CRM system. You can do this all through Indema! 

#2 Create Estimates, Invoice Clients & Receive Payments
We all love to get paid right? Indema makes it so much EASIER to get paid. You can create client estimates, get estimates signed by clients, AND the estimate will AUTOMATICALLY convert to an invoice AND purchase order at the same time once it’s signed. It automatically converts estimates into invoices… making it easier for YOU to get PAID! Clients receive the invoice and are able to electronically pay  through Stripe (Indema has a Stripe integration!). You know the saying… work smarter, not harder!

#3 Communicate & Collaborate with Clients
We all know trying to keep track of client emails, texts, slack messages.. Can be so hard while running a business. In Indema, you can communicate with clients with ease. (making it easier to keep all client communications in one place!) You can communicate with clients through project forums, messages, and task comments. Client communication is streamlined in Indema. 

#4 The Ability to Create & Automate Your Client Onboarding Process
If you’re a designer, you know that the client onboarding process is so important. Since it’s so important, make it easier by automating the process. Indema allows you to create email automation workflows to streamline your client onboarding process. You can create your firm specific email templates, set up the email automation workflow, and let Indema do the rest. 

#5 Manage Leads, Clients, & Vendors in One Place 
Indema offers a strong client, lead, and vendor management system. You can set statuses, add tags, and keep track of where leads are in the lead lifecycle. This allows you to assign tasks to milestones for the client or leads to stay organized on follow ups or next steps. 

Indema is an user friendly and efficient platform that takes some of the back end work off your plate. You will be able to focus on designing and spend less time worrying about whether you sent this invoice or missed a client email/message. You’ll be able to run your design business in a way that saves you time and money! 

If you need help setting up your project management system, book a discovery call here! We’re ready to get your business organized.